November 2008


Lately I have been keeping on top of Christmas orders and I have been doing a lot of sewing. There will also be a couple of new paintings in the Etsy shop soon and I will of course post a peek here before hand. And I have spent some time putting out a few new little margin ads here at the blog for your entertainment: Mark Ryder’s wonderous Wondertoonel, David Firth’s Salad Fingers, Kittee’s crazy vegan food explorations and Fiona Hewitt’s adorable illustration, + more, enjoy!





This time of the year we only go to harvest our vegetable patches about once a week, but there is still plenty to choose from.


It is all a very muddy affair and one has to make sure to keep both feet on the ground.


My favourite Rugrat is of course always on my side on these walks.


In a couple of months there will be much less to harvest, but I don’t mind because that lends a kind of rythm to the year.


And it gives me a reason to change my otherwise quite outdoorsy habits to cuddling up inside the house with some work next to me and a cup of my favourite tea. At the moment this has tended to be Irish Cream tea because it has that warming flavour that I covet when the days start to chill and also because it reminds me of a certain cafe I used to go to regularly in the town where I grew up.


My Spanish is really dreadful, I’m just guessing the title, it’s probably horribly it? I don’t know. As I’m half Spanish I should know better, but I learnt Spanish in a weird way, so it’s sort of patchy. Anyways, just thought I’ld share this luminous pelargonium that is flowering on my window sill at the moment. The variety is called Fuega and I bought it at Chelsea Physic Garden here in London a year ago or so. It is truly luminous, the picture doesn’t do it justice, and as a lover of all things neon, obviously I am truly fond of this one. Speaking of Chelsea Physic Garden; it is a gem! Some people call it London’s best kept secret and I do understand where they come from, you can’t go there enough, it’s such a lovely place! Being a resident of one of London’s poorest council’s I always feel a bit out of place when going there, but once inside those blessed walls all of the itchy uncomfortability is long lost.

I’ve finally managed to get some prints into my new etsy shop. There are four prints to begin with; two that are based on drawings and two that are based on paintings… like so:


Sing Sing Song


Skull Violets


Saint Violet


The Dreamstealers

Hope you like my exuberant framing, more to come soon! xo, bella



After watching The Golden Compass (based on Northern Lights; the first part of Philip Pullman’s trilogy; His Dark Materials) yesterday and revelling a bit in the adorability of having your soul displayed at your side in the form of an animal I just had to take their Meet Your Dæmon test. And lo and behold! my dæmon is a tiger, who would have thought? Here he is, my own little dæmon, isn’t he sweet:





November is Vegan Month! So lets all make a wee extra effort to try and not exploit nature and other beings around us, by eating local, organic and vegan. Follow the link and you will find easy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for 21 of your future days. After these you’ll be on such a roll you’ll just continue on your own lurking out, probably much tastier, vegan recipes yourself.




These recipes are definitely not rocket science and some involve meat substitutes which are absolutely not necessary for a vegan diet and I don’t use them much myself, but they’re great for when in a hurry or if you’re just feeling exeptionally brain dead one day. They’re also great for the recently veganized who haven’t got into a routine yet, of how to compose with vegan ingredients, but as time passes you’ll probably find yourself using these less and less, as new exciting flavours come into your realm, wooouuuu; so GET EXPERIMENTING!