February 2009

Flavour of the month; chosen by her majesty, Duchesse Teddy herself;

The Humble Potato


Great rotten…


Great to play with…


…and great to find for yourself and bring up into the bed in the middle of the night so to scare the humans that it is a mouse.


Great all the way round!




Yep, this is a “semla” a Swedish, sort of, Fat Tuesday treat.


A cardamom flavoured bun which has been hollowed and filled with marzipan and whipped cream. (For you who don’t touch the baby food, Rice Whip works just as well.) To be consumed hungry, accompanied by lots and lots of black coffee.

Happy Fettisdag!


This one has been lying around collecting drawer dust for a while, but I thought it was time to bring it out in the light. He is inevitably destined to become tea party invitations, but we’ll see what other wonderous adventures it might go on…


The motherly visit was over so swiftly but we managed to cram in an array of activities, including lots of catching up, several out of the city excursions, shopping and even the favourite forest picnic with soup flasks. The photo above is of a black swan at the wonderful Audley End.


It was nice to get out of the city for a bit; spring watching.


Postcard posting.


Dessert eating.


Washings of jam jars.


Enjoying the English countryside.


To celebrate my return I have decided to have a bit of a sale in the shop, so all prints are now $15 for a limited period!


Happy Valentines Day you sweeties!

I got this beautiful card from Johan, but I thought I’ld share it with you.

Tomorrow my mom is flying over to visit. I haven’t seen her for ages, we have just kept in contact by phoning every week, but now I will see her for real, hooray!


I feel like I haven’t been here at the blog for ages, but I guess that’s just how it is sometimes. I have keept busy with domestic activities and work. J and I made this shelf for the bedroom the other day. It’s been constructed out of pallets, which is a material one is never short of here in London and they fit perfectly with my “waste-not-want!” ethos. We use pallets a lot, both for the house, the allotment and the garden and apparently we are not the only ones as our full garden fence in made out of deassembled pallets! It looks beautiful; sort of old fashioned yard-y, much nicer than those ready made panels that people tend to opt for here in the UK. It must have taken ages to make though, as pallets can be a bit of a struggle to take apart.


I covered the shelf with doilies so you can’t see those ugly brackets we used. The boards still need a lick of paint, but that will have to wait for a bit I think *~*.


It was J’s birthday yesterday and I made this black and white cake with a bright pink and black inside and this little fella as a cake topper (excuse the blurry photos):


The cake is raspberry liquorice flavoured, which I thought was a nice combination for the event. I used fresh raspberries mixed with sugar for the filling and black dyed vegan buttercream frosting flavoured with ground anise seeds for the topping + some rice whipping cream for good measure. It would have looked a lot better if I had used white buttercream instead of whipping cream I think, but you know how it is; it’s always easy to be clever afterwards! Tonight I’m going to the cinema to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Have a lovely weekend!

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