February 2009


I feel ever so slightly quiet today. I think our beautiful, humbling snow is melting and I’ve made squares of yellow, vanilla rose sponge cake topped with a generous layer of cream lemon frosting. I leave you with few words today and a gentle promise of more tomorrow. Hopefully. Until then, keep warm and take care.



I’m in the snowiest England in 18 years and it just continues snowing. Disruptions everywhere, but sometimes I love some disruption!


Schools are closed, people are not getting to work and doors are very difficult to open indeed.

All the buses are suspended and we’re just all snowed in.


Except for these two, of course.


I’m sitting here warming myself with a hot cup of coffe after venturing out in the garden for a bit. Good thing I did the harvesting yesterday!


It is time I do some vegetable nerding again. It’s been a while and I wouldn’t want you thinking I have lost the bug just because it is winter. For there is such an array of wonderful vegetables you can harvest when it is winter.


1. Chervil 2. Oriental Salad Leaves 3. Jerusalem Artichokes + a wee sprout

4. Cavolo Nero 5. Leek + Swede 6. Parsley

Turns I did the harvesting in the last minute because as soon as I go back home from the allotment it started snowing and it still hasn’t stopped. I am foreseeing tomorrow will be a truly white day. It will take me back to my Nordic days, surely.


Even the cats are happy stay indoors.


The Baronesse says Good Night!

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