March 2009

embroideredstardreamstealerAlso in the shop soon (later today).

A black star embroidered print of the Landing Dreamstealers.



No, I am not going for a wildlife wee here, I am actually trying to show off my trousers (I believe you ams out there call them pants but I am not going to write that here as this might cause further unwanted confusion amongst the brits of you; enough).


I found these trousers at  monki, in Sweden, in last year’s January sale.  The only sizes they had left were far too big for me and of course, as always, I blindly ignored that fact (this is a bad habit of mine) and went for it anyway. And I am glad I did because they have the most peculiarly pleasing cut. The pockets are so flat and big that they kind of make you look like a paper cut out man.


So here I am, mr. paper-cut-out-man going to the shops. Chop, chop, chop. See how the pockets kind of fold flat?

See you soon!


A new piece. An embroidered sun on a  “Landing Dreamstealers” gocco printed recycled card. This one comes ready to hang  and covered with glass, in a hand painted wooden frame. I love decorating frames. I think there might be more of those coming (decorated frames that is). I have some new shapes and colour combinations I’ld like to work on. Will keep you posted, no doubt.


These little ones will land in the shop on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lots of love,



Here is the cabinet from the previous post in it’s place. Still waiting for its post ebay tlc – a good clean and eventually some stripping of paint and painting. It is very sloppily painted at the moment. As you can see, we have still not decided on a shade of brown for the walls. We had actually decided and painted one wall, but later we thought it was too dark, so it’s back to nil. In the foreground are some flowers from the garden. I love spring for its abundance of bulbous blossoms that it brings to the table, but this is not the only thing we have received from the garden lately:


Mmm, bunches of purple sprouting broccoli has adorned my plates of late; I love the stuff! Back to working on pattern print deadline and pondering over the coming studio changes. I’ll be back with more soon, no doubt. Until then, take care and enjoy the (finally) gently warming spring sun!

mario mushroom key ring

mario mushroom key ring

1930's cupboard

1930's cupboard

nova magazine

nova magazine 1965-1975

bellis perennis

bellis perennis - my garden

60's suitcase

60's suitcase - etsy

vintage swan

vintage swan - local thrift find

The1960’s suitcase featuring a violin playing kittie with super eye lashes, which I am so smitten with, is from Anne Marie Austin’s etsy shop and I don’t know what this swan thing I have going is, but I think it might be chronic. Especially since I saw a pink one in a Dexter episode the other night (in Rita’s kitchen). It looked vaguely like this one, but was more the feel of this one, but without the bling. They’re not all pretty, but the one I found in a local charity shop is determinately serene. It also makes me think I should get this painting by amberalexander, because it is just so wonderfully mysterious. I love our new cabinet (at the top) which was ebayed a few weeks back and I would have wanted to save it for the soon-to-be redectoration of my work room, but it is already destined to go in an especially unfurnishable corner of the front room, so there you go. I will be back with more soon, but now I shall sink into my work world as I have to adhere to an illustration deadline. Have an absolutely lovely Monday!


In shop now*.

*Attached cat nose not included.


If you find this, return immediately to

It has been lost for, well, my whole life, but I believe I might have to do something drastic if we are not reunited soon. You might believe that this dress belongs to Luella Bartley, but that is mere nonsense.


and while your at it, you might as well throw in this little outfit as well.


Ooo, mais merci!!!

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