mario mushroom key ring

mario mushroom key ring

1930's cupboard

1930's cupboard

nova magazine

nova magazine 1965-1975

bellis perennis

bellis perennis - my garden

60's suitcase

60's suitcase - etsy

vintage swan

vintage swan - local thrift find

The1960’s suitcase featuring a violin playing kittie with super eye lashes, which I am so smitten with, is from Anne Marie Austin’s etsy shop and I don’t know what this swan thing I have going is, but I think it might be chronic. Especially since I saw a pink one in a Dexter episode the other night (in Rita’s kitchen). It looked vaguely like this one, but was more the feel of this one, but without the bling. They’re not all pretty, but the one I found in a local charity shop is determinately serene. It also makes me think I should get this painting by amberalexander, because it is just so wonderfully mysterious. I love our new cabinet (at the top) which was ebayed a few weeks back and I would have wanted to save it for the soon-to-be redectoration of my work room, but it is already destined to go in an especially unfurnishable corner of the front room, so there you go. I will be back with more soon, but now I shall sink into my work world as I have to adhere to an illustration deadline. Have an absolutely lovely Monday!