May 2009

The placement of things is of utter importance think my blue-bloods, especially where you place yourself.


To place yourself inside a small suitcase is ideal, feels Duchesse Teddy.


But if none are at hand a plant pot works quite alright, even though not as versatile.


The dark Baronesse of Underbed spends worryingly large amounts of her current time in the sun where her fur goes egg-frying-hot, so it’s good for her that I don’t eat eggs.


Small suitcases are also good for changing into your superhero costume…much better than telephone boots, or terracotta pots.

Have a fruitful weekend everyone and take care!



The above title is taken from the 1953 film “Genevieve“. Oh, Thank You for this charming loveable film! I sometimes wonder what I would do without silly flicks like this?


It’s one of those films that everytime I watch it I get reminded of why I got held up in England in the first place. The weather has turned to the rainier sorts here in London today, so it’s been just the perfect evening to stay in watching Genevieve with cups of tea and a large pile of Johan made red currant cupcakes.


of course with the usual contender and lover of anything bread(!) my little sooty.


This was my breakfast a couple of days back when we had an amazinly summery day.


Later we went down to the allotments accompanied by a picnic:

ciabatta including ciabatta sandwiches

litchisand litchis


This gentle giant was to become the last of the leeks for the season; except for the ones we’ll leave to flower because I think they’re just so absurdly nice in bloom and we’ll get to look forward to the extra treat of lovely baby leek clusters next winter/spring. I don’t know why not more growers practise this little “perennialising” trick, but I guess I might have other priorities since I’m a bit spoilt for space.


When we went home the ground was covered with these “seed tassels” looking (in my mind) very much like the hand of an eight fingered giant.


They had coloured the whole path was white.

I’m sorry for being so quiet recently. Don’t really know why. Will be back with more soon! xo Bella


Some pics from the mini, three-day-cruise I took with my mom.


Riga was such a beautiful old city with that distinct Hansa feel,


filled with Kafka like Soviet blocks mixed with sugar coated Jugend buildings.


My long awaited airship-hangar-market experience was so spell binding I forgot to take any pictures when inside, too busy nosing about cumin fortified bread piles, stacks of russian named seed varieties, huge fresh slices of aloe vera and pretty strong coloured eastern patterned shawls…sigh, I wish I could have stayed longer!


This is Stockholm archipelago taken through the cabin window when returning to Sweden. It’s pretty as a picture out there; some islands only large enough to fit one house. The people who live there must feel so privileged!

The little sale has now started over on Etsy and I will add new items every day now for a few days on, so please have a look!

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    Swapping rooms has made old stock appear out of long forgotten murky corners + my new work room is quite a lot smaller than the old one = big clearout needed. Hence the Specific Flavour-super-clear-out-sale. During these few happy days I will add new items to the shop, as they appear out of their murky corners and get photographed, and of course it will be to very discounted prices, as I desperately need to sort out my space, move on with things and breath new air! There will be lots of “seconds” ie things that haven’t gone through my own rigorous quality control due to paint spots/slight double prints/little smudges and similar; usually things that I think just makes the item more individual, but that I’ve held back selling anyway in case it won’t be liked by the receiver. Look out for the first sale items in the shop tomorrow!


    I greet you again with a view from the day when I left for my trip. I am so grateful to be back in my quarters with my three lovelies. Ever since I came back I seem to constantly have a cat in my lap.. non stop and who am I to complain?


    Apart from the boat trip to Riga (which I shall make a separate post about) I spent some time at my mom’s little cottage sorting out her vegetable bed. Excuse the cheesy “before-and-after” pictures but I couldn’t resist! The photo above is before I had started. It was filled with tree roots so I did a lot of digging and this is how it ended up:


    I split the whole bed into four sections (for easy crop rotation) using old planks. At the end (where you see the white labels sticking up) I sowed Red Frills mustard and Yugoslavian Red lettuce saved from my own garden + some carrots and radishes.


    It is in a lovely place my mom’s cottage. The nature around it has such a forest like appeal, typical for a lot of Scandinavia, but still it is just by the sea.


    I’ll be back again very soon!