July 2009

I have a new silhouette to share:

twinstars“Little Star Twins” looking to the night sky with great expectations…or maybe longings to be somewhere else.


They may share a lot in life, but each has their own star that holds their destiny within and leads them on their way through life.

In the shop later today!

Oh, have I told you that this week every order gets a free pack of monster fridge magnets?! This offer has been in the shop for a while now so will end on Sunday, but since I forgot to tell you here, it is only fair that I give you lovely bloggies a bit of a prolongment. Mention it with your order and I will throw in a pack for you even a week after the offer’s ended in the shop and that’s a promise!



Our horticultural sensibilities have risen with the season.


Despite the habitual tool stealing and general plunderings (not by us!) our vegetable plots are once again bountiful.1

Recently we took an inspirational trip to Petersham Nurseries, that involved a hefty promenade in the pouring rain, including a walk through a cow’s pasture (sometimes I do love London!) and it was all worth it.


I couldn’t think of a better place for watching the rain, than in the hot, damp, red soiled interiors of Petersham Nurseries, by a woobly old garden table with a cup of Ethiopian coffee in one hand.


This was our first load of purple globe artichokes for the season ready to be boiled in salted water and then eaten with an olive oil and caper “butter”. We’ve had this at least once a week since, with various dressings. So simple and still my favourite way of eating artichokes!


The Mysterious Mr. Rabbit

This is a very mysterious fuzzy rabbit indeed. The poor thing was found roaming around ebay all on his own a while back and he is just so special. He now lives in my workroom where he watches me faithfully with his sad eyes whatever I am pottering around with.

Oh, and then there’s this:

(if you are of a sensitive nature I suggest you close your eyes now)


Mr. Rabbit's Pink Insides

his pink insides offer a secret hiding place!

It was suggested that the space is provided for someones little pj’s and as much as that might be true, I seldomly sleep in my workroom, so I shall have to come up with something else, to hide inside of him!