August 2009

Meet the new stars of our garden…




Albertineand Albertine!

They have gone through a lot in their previous battery lives, but they are adjusting well to their new garden surroundings, that offer a bit more than that A4 size of a space to (try to) move around on that they had in the olden days. Consequently they are spending their days stretching a lot; wings out, leg back style. I’m learning their characters, of which they have oodles and for now they are easy to identify on their respective ailments and various stages of baldness. But they shall soon be in top knick, I hope, with a lot of tender love and care from yours truly.


The Baronesse is spending a lot of her time by the hen house looking a bit like a panther. Harriet does not approve of her rather sneaky walk, nor of her longing looks! (Duchesse Teddy is ever so frightened and keeps well out of their way.)



Meet Cat Girl and Poirot. These wary little darlings will be available on fabric later this season. They are part of my next etsy project which is brewing as we speak. I hope you weekend will be a treat!

This is a very strange post coming from a vegan of 10 years, but we are getting hens! They are factory girls that instead of going to slaughter (because they aren’t financially viable as egg layers any longer) will become ritirees at ours. I think it is a splendid idea; the rescue charities are doing such an amazing job and I am so looking forward to seeing my new ladies strutting around the garden enjoying some sun on their backs for the first time in their lives.


I’ve been experimenting with colour shades for the hen house and I’ve come up with a cream and taupe combination which I think might work unless it will be too light. There will certainly be more pics once the coop is up and running and the guests have arrived. Have a lovely Monday!


Saturday morning here at the Flavour Manor. Let’s see what this day brings.

So far:









So long!

Spent a lovely day at the Capel Manor Gardens recently. It is the perfect distance from my home to not become too demanding to get to, but still far away enough to feel like you’re on an adventure of sorts. I’ll be returning soon…

Seeding Alliums

Seeding Alliums

The Green Labyrinth

The Green Labyrinth