February 2010

I’ve had salads on my mind lately. We had an extraordinarily cheesy chicory gratin for dinner a few days ago. We made it with a mix of both white and red chicons and cooked it up using this, which cheeses up most things, the vegan way, suprisingly well actually, to be in powder form. And then we topped it with my favourite smoked cheddar Bute Island “sheese” for good measure, hence it became a tad heavy. But enter the humble green salad and as if by magic the meal felt just right.

This particular salad was a very leafy one coming from my hands as usually I’m more of a chunky-salad-person but for this meal it was just perfect. We used frisée lettuce and little bits of wild pink radicchio, seasoning, basil oil and really good balsamic vinegar. I’m on the hunt for some (for me) new interesting ingredients to add to my salads and I just bought some agretti which I am looking forward to try in my next one.

I hope you’ve had a satisfying week so far. I’m off to watch some indulgingly pointless evening television.

So Long, my little darjeelings, see you soon!


An auction purchase from a few months back. Old tins filled with old buttons. Hundreds of miniscule treasures!

And then came Christmas and ruined everything. The little treasures were forgotten and not until now have I had the time to take them out to inspect. Such loveliness!


and loveliness!

I can feel a button changing party coming on… Speaking of parties, Johan has had his 30th birthday (yes I know, he’s younger than me; very unorthodox, I’m an old bag compared to him..33 soon to be) and we have been inundated with celebrators so I never got the chance to thank all of you who took advantage of my January Sale bonanza; thank you sweet darlings! There are only a few sale items left in the shop now, but do not despair. I am cooking up a new very generous offer as we speak. There’s more to come so watch this space. I hope you will all have a surprisingly fruitful forthcoming week!