March 2010

Elspeth  standing outside her 'Green House'

The unbelievable passing of Elspeth Thompson has left me with such a heavy heart. She was a truly inspirational entity to me (and many others) and it somehow hurts to think that she would want to end her life. It makes me question my own life and even other people’s lives and what the point of them are, if one like hers was not worth living. But such is the nature of depression, I suppose; mysterious, cold and absorbing.


She showed humankind that the easy route is not always the best and it is certainly not the most interesting. She showed us that true beauty is timid and unforeseen.

Elspeth Thompson

Thank you Elspeth, for sharing your world through your writing. You will be sorely missed.

– From a fellow traveller and patron of that rocky road.


We have had our first spring-y weekend here in London Town. It included a trip to savour pasta, olives and chocolate at an all-things-italian-fair and since we were in the area, I also popped in to my favourite islington shop, which embraces the most wonderful mixture of past time curiosities and restored vintage furniture one could ever wish for."Blithe Spirit"

On a different note, I saw another one of those pick-me-up-films the other day which I just have to share. If you are a regular reader you might remember the Genevieve post from some time back, well this one is called Blithe Spirit. It is from 1945 and it ticks quite a few feel good boxes: it features both live and dead people, the glorious Margaret Rutherford has the role of Madame Arcati, the medium and the characters don’t seem to care much if they are of the dead or the living kind, which seems to be a dreadfully healthy attitude + it lends the film a rather surrealist tone.

Now, I’m off to change my header into something a little more spring like, mes petits gourmands, I shall see you soon, o’hoy!

Chilly nights and frosty mornings are still adorning my part of the world.

Horticulture-wise it’s hard to get much done, but we do little jobs here and there, where the soil isn’t too hard, or too water logged to work. And there are some benefits to these clear and cold days…

like the hundreds and thousands of tiny white jewels dressing the seedheads…

…and the warming sun glares beaming through my work room.

By the way, the outcome of my birthday, which was spent with near and dear, was lovely and sweet (in many a sense) and included several exciting little explorations to the near countryside as well as a quicky to the centre of London. And thank-yous to my sweet fella for all his efforts to make it such a special day!

I hope your weekend treated you alright. I spent some of my weekend sowing seeds for the coming season, but we are still in below average temperatures here in London so we will see if I shall ever be able to plant them out.

That crazy little bunny staring rather mischieviously through the seed window actually lured himself into this photo all by himself! He is the shell of a pencil sharpener from the 1940’s and he keeps me company in my work room looking terribly dashing sitting in his vegetable armchair.

My birthday is coming up and I have plenty of sweet things to prepare and several little excursions to look forward to so I am taking a couple of days off from online life to concentrate on the one here…or should I say there? Have a lovely few days!