Specific Flavour á la mode


No, I am not going for a wildlife wee here, I am actually trying to show off my trousers (I believe you ams out there call them pants but I am not going to write that here as this might cause further unwanted confusion amongst the brits of you; enough).


I found these trousers at  monki, in Sweden, in last year’s January sale.  The only sizes they had left were far too big for me and of course, as always, I blindly ignored that fact (this is a bad habit of mine) and went for it anyway. And I am glad I did because they have the most peculiarly pleasing cut. The pockets are so flat and big that they kind of make you look like a paper cut out man.


So here I am, mr. paper-cut-out-man going to the shops. Chop, chop, chop. See how the pockets kind of fold flat?

See you soon!



I was tweeting about this lovely “weekend sized” suitcase that J came home with after some random thrift shopping on his stay in Sweden the other day and here it is. I considered painting a picture on it but after some thought I just think is so lovely as it is and in such good condition too.


It’s so sweet and the inside has a lovely houndstooth pattern in blue.


And then there was my new prints that I’ve been talking about. I have been so eager to try out my new gocco printer and it is just so neat! A totally different experience to someone like me who is constantly found leaning over rather more conventional, homemade, relatively huge, wooden screens. I am planning to make many a petite mini print on this new toy friend of mine.


So now you know how my dreamstealers manage to get their dangling little legs onto our dark streets and roof tops so they can pinch a dream or two, from both me and you. Yes, a truly diverse tool and the cream of vehicles, no need for parking space and so terribly energy efficient; meet the umbrella!


These are red and black gocco prints that have had a blue wash of water colour to give a cloudy sky background. I shall sell these in stationery form in my shop at my next update.


Yesterday I went to the Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre that displayed food, drink and gifts galore! Not often do I have the privilege of becoming slightly dizzy with food options when dining out so it was almost a bit bewildering. I also got several christmas presents bought, in good time for once and I bought lots of sheese and these cutsie Christmas greeting cards.

Speaking of which, in the name of Christmas AND its colours I also received this Honolulian lovely in the post from etsy collegues muffinbiscuit so now I’m colour coordinated with the season.