Things I Found on the Street


I feel like I haven’t been here at the blog for ages, but I guess that’s just how it is sometimes. I have keept busy with domestic activities and work. J and I made this shelf for the bedroom the other day. It’s been constructed out of pallets, which is a material one is never short of here in London and they fit perfectly with my “waste-not-want!” ethos. We use pallets a lot, both for the house, the allotment and the garden and apparently we are not the only ones as our full garden fence in made out of deassembled pallets! It looks beautiful; sort of old fashioned yard-y, much nicer than those ready made panels that people tend to opt for here in the UK. It must have taken ages to make though, as pallets can be a bit of a struggle to take apart.


I covered the shelf with doilies so you can’t see those ugly brackets we used. The boards still need a lick of paint, but that will have to wait for a bit I think *~*.


Just popped in to show you what I recently found on the streets of London. It’s this really cute metal forest table. It comes complete with a leaf and flower top, a branch leg that even has a little bird resting on it and a base that looks like little twigs! It’s a good find this, only it’s a bit wobbly at the moment, I think someone might have put the base on the wrong way up..we’ll see what I can do about it. Can’t wait to get it up and the only question is do I use it as a sofa table or as a garden table..