Things that made my Day!

We have had our first spring-y weekend here in London Town. It included a trip to savour pasta, olives and chocolate at an all-things-italian-fair and since we were in the area, I also popped in to my favourite islington shop, which embraces the most wonderful mixture of past time curiosities and restored vintage furniture one could ever wish for."Blithe Spirit"

On a different note, I saw another one of those pick-me-up-films the other day which I just have to share. If you are a regular reader you might remember the Genevieve post from some time back, well this one is called Blithe Spirit. It is from 1945 and it ticks quite a few feel good boxes: it features both live and dead people, the glorious Margaret Rutherford has the role of Madame Arcati, the medium and the characters don’t seem to care much if they are of the dead or the living kind, which seems to be a dreadfully healthy attitude + it lends the film a rather surrealist tone.

Now, I’m off to change my header into something a little more spring like, mes petits gourmands, I shall see you soon, o’hoy!


An auction purchase from a few months back. Old tins filled with old buttons. Hundreds of miniscule treasures!

And then came Christmas and ruined everything. The little treasures were forgotten and not until now have I had the time to take them out to inspect. Such loveliness!


and loveliness!

I can feel a button changing party coming on… Speaking of parties, Johan has had his 30th birthday (yes I know, he’s younger than me; very unorthodox, I’m an old bag compared to him..33 soon to be) and we have been inundated with celebrators so I never got the chance to thank all of you who took advantage of my January Sale bonanza; thank you sweet darlings! There are only a few sale items left in the shop now, but do not despair. I am cooking up a new very generous offer as we speak. There’s more to come so watch this space. I hope you will all have a surprisingly fruitful forthcoming week!


The occurance of the Royal Mail strike makes my packages come in bundles these days. That is; I don’t receive any for a while, then suddenly I get a pile big enough to make it feel a bit like Christmas Day. Today was one of those days and in the pile was this box of truffles from Montezuma’s. It seems my sweet tooth is growing longer along with the days getting shorter so this was a very suitable arrival.

Montezuma’s has a good selection of vegan treats; just type in ‘vegan’ in their search box and you get many a handful of delicious options, such as this truffle collection. The Kirsch Cherries, Moondance pralines and chocolate dipped Orange Slices also look exceptionally intriguing and shall all have to be trialled one of these chilling October days.


Until then this rich, chocolate-y, but not-too-sweet ‘Sunrise’ spicy orange flavoured truffle shall do very fine thank you.

Have a sweet weekend my dears!

This is a very strange post coming from a vegan of 10 years, but we are getting hens! They are factory girls that instead of going to slaughter (because they aren’t financially viable as egg layers any longer) will become ritirees at ours. I think it is a splendid idea; the rescue charities are doing such an amazing job and I am so looking forward to seeing my new ladies strutting around the garden enjoying some sun on their backs for the first time in their lives.


I’ve been experimenting with colour shades for the hen house and I’ve come up with a cream and taupe combination which I think might work unless it will be too light. There will certainly be more pics once the coop is up and running and the guests have arrived. Have a lovely Monday!


The above title is taken from the 1953 film “Genevieve“. Oh, Thank You for this charming loveable film! I sometimes wonder what I would do without silly flicks like this?


It’s one of those films that everytime I watch it I get reminded of why I got held up in England in the first place. The weather has turned to the rainier sorts here in London today, so it’s been just the perfect evening to stay in watching Genevieve with cups of tea and a large pile of Johan made red currant cupcakes.


of course with the usual contender and lover of anything bread(!) my little sooty.

Since I’ve been spending a fair amount of my latter time tucked under blankets, disarmed from some of my dearest weapons; the pen and the brush, it’s good that I have a couple of old treasures up my sleeve, waiting to be read. “Looking at Nature” by Elsie Proctor is just so rich in all ways and I know I would have been the happiest girl standing if I had owned this adorable book when I was in my pre teens, as hands-on-biology/nature studies would have been one of the few things that could have possibly torn my head away from my murder mystery books(!). Oh, and then there’s “A General History of Pirates” by mystery man; Captain Charles Johnson. A big 1724 book that describes the lives of some of the most notorious pirates through the ‘golden age of piracy’ which, not the least, features female Irish villain below, named Anne Bonny.


Despite the blessings of reading-candy I have told myself I have to get well soon because in a week’s time I’m heading off to my native Scandinavia for a while, so there is just no time to rest for the wicked. Illness always seems to strike at the most inappropriate of times, don’t you think?!


Happy Valentines Day you sweeties!

I got this beautiful card from Johan, but I thought I’ld share it with you.

Tomorrow my mom is flying over to visit. I haven’t seen her for ages, we have just kept in contact by phoning every week, but now I will see her for real, hooray!

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