An auction purchase from a few months back. Old tins filled with old buttons. Hundreds of miniscule treasures!

And then came Christmas and ruined everything. The little treasures were forgotten and not until now have I had the time to take them out to inspect. Such loveliness!


and loveliness!

I can feel a button changing party coming on… Speaking of parties, Johan has had his 30th birthday (yes I know, he’s younger than me; very unorthodox, I’m an old bag compared to him..33 soon to be) and we have been inundated with celebrators so I never got the chance to thank all of you who took advantage of my January Sale bonanza; thank you sweet darlings! There are only a few sale items left in the shop now, but do not despair. I am cooking up a new very generous offer as we speak. There’s more to come so watch this space. I hope you will all have a surprisingly fruitful forthcoming week!




I am currently coveting these His ‘n’ Hers crazy-beautiful vegan shoes from the charming made-to-order shoe company of greenshoes.


And even in my dreams I couldn’t get very much closer to autumnal perfection than this! The mallard (yes, mallard!) skirt can be acquired here from allencompanyinc at etsy, isn’t it just lovely?



Plus this year’s (scarf) knitting fest has begun chez moi. I am no whiz when it comes to knitting but scarves are just so foolproof. Repeat row after row, continue for as long as you want and get something useable at the end of it and you can compose eternal variations all to your own taste. Above: autumn’s first two scarf projects. I’m into stripes right now; brown-turquoise and peppermint-red.


The Mysterious Mr. Rabbit

This is a very mysterious fuzzy rabbit indeed. The poor thing was found roaming around ebay all on his own a while back and he is just so special. He now lives in my workroom where he watches me faithfully with his sad eyes whatever I am pottering around with.

Oh, and then there’s this:

(if you are of a sensitive nature I suggest you close your eyes now)


Mr. Rabbit's Pink Insides

his pink insides offer a secret hiding place!

It was suggested that the space is provided for someones little pj’s and as much as that might be true, I seldomly sleep in my workroom, so I shall have to come up with something else, to hide inside of him!


Oh dear, no luck with the easter fancy baking mentioned in my last post. I used, or rather, was inspired by (I tend to make changes in recipes, not always to the better, unfortunately) Peggy Porschen‘s basic fondant fancy recipe from “Pretty Party Cakes“.


But it all went pear shaped and they didn’t even taste very good. All too sugary and nothing else for my taste. All in all; a complete disaster.


The other day I found this baby version of the china swan that I got earlier and which is currently housing some grass for my lil’ blue bloods to nibble on. But this baby swan (which, as you can see, has already been inaugurated by the duchesse) has become the perfect water holder for ink and gouache painting etc. Apart from that we’ve been getting along with some spring gardening . We’re sowing spring seeds and making a fence for our forest plot. I’ll post pictures when it’s ready. I am still work-room-less and so forth turning the whole house upside down with paper, paint and fabrics, but I’m working on that one too and sooner or later it all has to come together!


Here is the cabinet from the previous post in it’s place. Still waiting for its post ebay tlc – a good clean and eventually some stripping of paint and painting. It is very sloppily painted at the moment. As you can see, we have still not decided on a shade of brown for the walls. We had actually decided and painted one wall, but later we thought it was too dark, so it’s back to nil. In the foreground are some flowers from the garden. I love spring for its abundance of bulbous blossoms that it brings to the table, but this is not the only thing we have received from the garden lately:


Mmm, bunches of purple sprouting broccoli has adorned my plates of late; I love the stuff! Back to working on pattern print deadline and pondering over the coming studio changes. I’ll be back with more soon, no doubt. Until then, take care and enjoy the (finally) gently warming spring sun!

I know it’s only October and you’re not really supposed to mention the C word yet but when doing some general catalogue browsing the other day I came across these adorable glass Xmas tree decorations and fell in love. So that’s this year’s wishlist started: beautiful hanging glass birds..I must have!

We all have a responsibility to minimise the waste we leave behind on this earth and especially us crazy westerners (including myself) who consider every single comfort ever invented as some sort of  necessity of life without questioning it even once. Hopefully, if we at least acquire things that we really cherish there is more chance that we will waste less, in several ways; we will take better care of our belongings making them last longer, we might mend them if they break instead of getting a new one etc, we might even find a use for the packaging that it came in and this is the ethos inspiring this series. Everyone of us have some things around us that are precious to us. Some of them might not look like much to others but for one reason or another, to you, they mean the world… these are some of mine:

My kitchen cabinet.

This is one of the few pieces of furniture I own that I actually paid money to get and o was it worth it! It is such a lovely piece found @ Treacle last year. I keep cleaning articles in the long cupboard and although a bit wonky, the middle door folds down into a table which is one really useful feature of this gem.

My peony scented body mist.

What did I smell before I got this body mist? Maybe fenugreek, maybe old socks, (but definitely not rotten cow’s milk) I don’t know, but buoooy do I smell good now. I first bought this peony scented mist for the lovely illustrations on the packaging by Fiona Hewitt, but now I can’t live without it.

My painting robe.

People who know me in person would not believe I used a painter’s robe considering I always seem to have paint everywhere, including on my clothes, my hands and in my hair, but I do.. although I might just forget to put it on once in a while… This belonged to my late and very loved grandmother who was tiny, but it still fits me fine. It has been with me as a painting robe now ever since I first went to art school in the end of the last century (wow do I sound old).