Sorry for being astray for awhile. We’ve had another far-away visit. Johan’s brother and his partner have been staying and a lot of the time has been spent roaming around out of doors, on picnics, shopping tours, bbqs and meeting wildlife such as the above quite worryingly tame squirrel.


One of the leasurely activities we got the time to enjoy was playing ducks and drakes (skimming/skipping stones). It must be the greatest sport in the world, where half of the fun obviously is searching for the perfect stone! I adopted such a peculiar style I now go by my ducks-and-drakes-name when playing; mesdames et mesieurs, meet The Beach Angler!


Later we had a picnic in the park with flat bread from our local Turkish corner shop supreme (I do not know how we managed before it was there) artichoke & olive oil purée, couscous salad with tarragon and crisps and more…


including conjoined twin cherries…


and carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and little crystallised rose petal toppings.


The boys played beach ball whilst us girls dosed off on the blanket.


All in all a very refreshing day out.

Good Bye and see you soon again; have a wonderful rest of the weekend!



I did a little cheat shop update today, of this red Valentine Pillowcase Set. Sorry for not letting you know here, but afterwards, I know it’s a bit unfair of me. Mainly I did this because I really wanted them to be out in good time for V day and also possibly, a teeny bit, because I am getting itchy fingers for the real update which I am hoping will be sometime at the end of the coming week. I will give you an exact date and time closer to the day.


I put on a special label, with a secret hand painted message onto one of the pillowcases, suggestedly the one that would be gifted to the other half. And the other one you could keep for yourself.


Then I fancied something warming and ate lots of these brandy enforced Glazed Cranberry Cupcakes which I cooked up yesterday. I guess this is how I would imagine, say, Tom Waits having his cupcakes (yes, I am sure he eats a lot of them). I made them using the Standard Vanilla Cupcake recipe, from Vegan Cupcakes take Over the World after which I wisked together cranberry jam (actually it was lingonberry jam but you know what they say, same shit, different name, excuse the language) with some brandy that went into a hole in the middle of the cupcake that was then covered with some very traditional crunchy, sugary glaze (read confectionary sugar mixed with water/lemon juice) that I had tossed some chopped up bits of dried cranberries into.