It’s free shipping allround in le petit shoppe; a little Easter gift from me to you.

Happy Easter!



Oh dear, no luck with the easter fancy baking mentioned in my last post. I used, or rather, was inspired by (I tend to make changes in recipes, not always to the better, unfortunately) Peggy Porschen‘s basic fondant fancy recipe from “Pretty Party Cakes“.


But it all went pear shaped and they didn’t even taste very good. All too sugary and nothing else for my taste. All in all; a complete disaster.


The other day I found this baby version of the china swan that I got earlier and which is currently housing some grass for my lil’ blue bloods to nibble on. But this baby swan (which, as you can see, has already been inaugurated by the duchesse) has become the perfect water holder for ink and gouache painting etc. Apart from that we’ve been getting along with some spring gardening . We’re sowing spring seeds and making a fence for our forest plot. I’ll post pictures when it’s ready. I am still work-room-less and so forth turning the whole house upside down with paper, paint and fabrics, but I’m working on that one too and sooner or later it all has to come together!


We’ve picked daffodils including my favourite actaea and its fragrance is filling the room as I am writing this.


I have already overdosed on sugary sweets and chocolate


and tomorrow we’re doing some eastery fancy baking and, very likely, some more candy eating.



I’m a bit un-settled today, volatile, over-eaten-on-fruit-pastilles-strange.


Blooms are everywhere now.

Blood red wallflowers, ballerina tulips and all coloured anemones.


The one flower that I do miss is my favourite ranunculus with its nodding, ball heads.

I was reminded of it when I saw some through a window, earlier today, when out on a long walk.


And to come, of course, the swelling buds of peonies, which must be voted the best bud around, surely.

I love them for their buds probably more than for their flowers.

So long, mesdames et messieurs, à bientôt!