It’s free shipping allround in le petit shoppe; a little Easter gift from me to you.

Happy Easter!


Remember how I told you a while back that my lovely little Ada was dreadfully poorly?

Well, after coming home from the veterinary surgery she has been laying all sorts of worrying things, such as completely shelless eggs and she has suffered a terrible ordeal from it all. But lo and behold; this is what she came up with this Monday! A perfect, beautiful, brown speckled, magic little gift. And on top of that she has been her happy self ever since. I can’t wait til the day my clever little giver retires from her egg laying and just keeps her energy and nutrition to herself. But in the meantime I am just happy to see her running around in the garden looking a bit like an aeroplane again!

Oh, and, completely unrelated to the above rantings, there’s now only three days left on the Specific Flavour January Sale, so if you are feeling like a bargain of the flavourful kind hop over here!

The shop is now stocked up for Christmas!

It may appear as such, but I assure you I have not been resting as of late. I and my little helpers here at the flavour factory (furry, feathered and bare alike) have been very busy bees indeed; kitchening and planting, scheeming and crafting…

Wreath making with the Baronesse

The Baronesse was out of her radiator bed for several hours in order to help out with the wreaths that we made from assorted forest and allotment acquisitions. One for our door and one for the hen pen. I have made mincemeat and mince pies with hazelnuts, brandy, cranberries and my favourite Russet apples that are so wonderfully coarse, sweet and aromatic. I have brought out forced bulbs of all shapes and sizes; crocus to amaryllis, hyacinth to narcissus, that we had kept up in the attic until now.

Winter clearing the last tomato plants

The last of the summer vegetables are safe indoors. Some days ago I cleared the last tomato plants and a few days later Johan cleared the tomatillo patch, bringing in our huge colander brimful. We have made several large bottles of mulled wine on the delicious blackberry wine that J made earlier this year. Perfect to alternate with my ordinary chai tea when stranded in the sofa, mulling and crafting, these stormy evenings we’ve had lately in Old Blighty. I also recently made a batch of failed kumquat marmelade that got far too runny. Fortunately I discovered it is absolutely delicious as a sauce with sponge and chocolate cakes, so the very difficult to eat Mr. Kumquat Marmelade has now obediently had its name changed reappearing as the exceedingly successful Mr Kumquat Sauce!

Holiday Shop Update!

Oh, and I will be stocking up the shop for the holiday season during the following three days. There will be many an original that I have not been able to bear to part with until now, as well as recycled bowls, new embroideries and of course, pillowcases and tea towels etc etc and I am making sure that the SALE section shall be very well stocked this year. Have a good day!



I am currently coveting these His ‘n’ Hers crazy-beautiful vegan shoes from the charming made-to-order shoe company of greenshoes.


And even in my dreams I couldn’t get very much closer to autumnal perfection than this! The mallard (yes, mallard!) skirt can be acquired here from allencompanyinc at etsy, isn’t it just lovely?



Plus this year’s (scarf) knitting fest has begun chez moi. I am no whiz when it comes to knitting but scarves are just so foolproof. Repeat row after row, continue for as long as you want and get something useable at the end of it and you can compose eternal variations all to your own taste. Above: autumn’s first two scarf projects. I’m into stripes right now; brown-turquoise and peppermint-red.

I have a new silhouette to share:

twinstars“Little Star Twins” looking to the night sky with great expectations…or maybe longings to be somewhere else.


They may share a lot in life, but each has their own star that holds their destiny within and leads them on their way through life.

In the shop later today!

Oh, have I told you that this week every order gets a free pack of monster fridge magnets?! This offer has been in the shop for a while now so will end on Sunday, but since I forgot to tell you here, it is only fair that I give you lovely bloggies a bit of a prolongment. Mention it with your order and I will throw in a pack for you even a week after the offer’s ended in the shop and that’s a promise!


Swapping rooms has made old stock appear out of long forgotten murky corners + my new work room is quite a lot smaller than the old one = big clearout needed. Hence the Specific Flavour-super-clear-out-sale. During these few happy days I will add new items to the shop, as they appear out of their murky corners and get photographed, and of course it will be to very discounted prices, as I desperately need to sort out my space, move on with things and breath new air! There will be lots of “seconds” ie things that haven’t gone through my own rigorous quality control due to paint spots/slight double prints/little smudges and similar; usually things that I think just makes the item more individual, but that I’ve held back selling anyway in case it won’t be liked by the receiver. Look out for the first sale items in the shop tomorrow!