It’s free shipping allround in le petit shoppe; a little Easter gift from me to you.

Happy Easter!



My lovelies are recovering rather well from concentration camp and I am devouring books about poultry like never before (and like I never would have imagined I would ever do). Here I am (part of me anyway) reading “Keeping a Few Hens in Your Garden” by Francine Raymond, surrounded by my new feathered friends. It has been a lot of work; in fact, they’ve taken up most of our waking time for the past week; learning, worrying and caring for them. But seeing Valentine making one of her crazy dustbaths, or being chased across the garden by Ada running faster than a speeding bullet, makes it all worthwhile 100 times over. They are such pleasant ladies and I am honoured having them as retirees in my garden. Looking at them strutting around the lawn contently and foraging curiously for this-and-that in the beds, thinking they should have been dead is a very strange feeling indeed.


I have a big pile of little glittery Orphan Bauble Girls next to me, all looking for a friendly home to decorate. These are hand crafted out of copper leaf, paper, mini print, glitter flakes and a golden string for hanging. Each measures 2″ x 4″ and come in a pack of 10. I have enough for ten packs. I have decided to give these away for free to anyone who makes an order in the shop from now until stocks last! This offer has run out.