The placement of things is of utter importance think my blue-bloods, especially where you place yourself.


To place yourself inside a small suitcase is ideal, feels Duchesse Teddy.


But if none are at hand a plant pot works quite alright, even though not as versatile.


The dark Baronesse of Underbed spends worryingly large amounts of her current time in the sun where her fur goes egg-frying-hot, so it’s good for her that I don’t eat eggs.


Small suitcases are also good for changing into your superhero costume…much better than telephone boots, or terracotta pots.

Have a fruitful weekend everyone and take care!



Happy Valentines Day you sweeties!

I got this beautiful card from Johan, but I thought I’ld share it with you.

Tomorrow my mom is flying over to visit. I haven’t seen her for ages, we have just kept in contact by phoning every week, but now I will see her for real, hooray!