I hope your weekend treated you alright. I spent some of my weekend sowing seeds for the coming season, but we are still in below average temperatures here in London so we will see if I shall ever be able to plant them out.

That crazy little bunny staring rather mischieviously through the seed window actually lured himself into this photo all by himself! He is the shell of a pencil sharpener from the 1940’s and he keeps me company in my work room looking terribly dashing sitting in his vegetable armchair.

My birthday is coming up and I have plenty of sweet things to prepare and several little excursions to look forward to so I am taking a couple of days off from online life to concentrate on the one here…or should I say there? Have a lovely few days!


The Mysterious Mr. Rabbit

This is a very mysterious fuzzy rabbit indeed. The poor thing was found roaming around ebay all on his own a while back and he is just so special. He now lives in my workroom where he watches me faithfully with his sad eyes whatever I am pottering around with.

Oh, and then there’s this:

(if you are of a sensitive nature I suggest you close your eyes now)


Mr. Rabbit's Pink Insides

his pink insides offer a secret hiding place!

It was suggested that the space is provided for someones little pj’s and as much as that might be true, I seldomly sleep in my workroom, so I shall have to come up with something else, to hide inside of him!