It’s free shipping allround in le petit shoppe; a little Easter gift from me to you.

Happy Easter!


The shop is now stocked up for Christmas!

I have a new silhouette to share:

twinstars“Little Star Twins” looking to the night sky with great expectations…or maybe longings to be somewhere else.


They may share a lot in life, but each has their own star that holds their destiny within and leads them on their way through life.

In the shop later today!

Oh, have I told you that this week every order gets a free pack of monster fridge magnets?! This offer has been in the shop for a while now so will end on Sunday, but since I forgot to tell you here, it is only fair that I give you lovely bloggies a bit of a prolongment. Mention it with your order and I will throw in a pack for you even a week after the offer’s ended in the shop and that’s a promise!


A little peek into the future. I am almost ready with the awaited new site and I am really excited about it! It will be a bona fide-dly minimalist creation I hope (there’s a clause I’ld never thought I’ld exhale!) compared to the last. Easy to navigate and easy to maintain! There is still some fine tuning to adhere to, but it is soon there.. I think.

Have a lovely weekend!


Swapping rooms has made old stock appear out of long forgotten murky corners + my new work room is quite a lot smaller than the old one = big clearout needed. Hence the Specific Flavour-super-clear-out-sale. During these few happy days I will add new items to the shop, as they appear out of their murky corners and get photographed, and of course it will be to very discounted prices, as I desperately need to sort out my space, move on with things and breath new air! There will be lots of “seconds” ie things that haven’t gone through my own rigorous quality control due to paint spots/slight double prints/little smudges and similar; usually things that I think just makes the item more individual, but that I’ve held back selling anyway in case it won’t be liked by the receiver. Look out for the first sale items in the shop tomorrow!

embroideredstardreamstealerAlso in the shop soon (later today).

A black star embroidered print of the Landing Dreamstealers.


A new piece. An embroidered sun on a  “Landing Dreamstealers” gocco printed recycled card. This one comes ready to hang  and covered with glass, in a hand painted wooden frame. I love decorating frames. I think there might be more of those coming (decorated frames that is). I have some new shapes and colour combinations I’ld like to work on. Will keep you posted, no doubt.


These little ones will land in the shop on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lots of love,