I accidentally seem to be drifting away from ye old online journal, so I decided to remedy this troubling downward spiral by quickly taking some photographs. The peeky bunny up there on top of the Vermeer is a MyPaperCrane.

The house is smothered in sunlight these days and I am settling indoors for a spot of Miss Marple on the telly. One of the Geraldine McEwan ones I believe. I love her Marples merely for her sparkly gaze which makes her look like she knows secrets. Then I am planning to have an early night after watching The Bunker of the Last Gunshots; one of the really early Jeunet/Caro wonders. We have been raising by dawn a lot lately, to go to our kitchen gardens before the hens are let out in our home garden. That way I don’t have to worry about any sly fox coming to feast on my li’l ones when I’m not around. (They are supposedly notoriously active around dawn.)