Sally Mann is showing at Photographer’s Gallery here in London at the moment.

Her photographs oftentimes leave me with a dual sense of eternity and ephemerality all at once. They have been lingering in my mind when pottering around the house for the last week or so.


I accidentally seem to be drifting away from ye old online journal, so I decided to remedy this troubling downward spiral by quickly taking some photographs. The peeky bunny up there on top of the Vermeer is a MyPaperCrane.

The house is smothered in sunlight these days and I am settling indoors for a spot of Miss Marple on the telly. One of the Geraldine McEwan ones I believe. I love her Marples merely for her sparkly gaze which makes her look like she knows secrets. Then I am planning to have an early night after watching The Bunker of the Last Gunshots; one of the really early Jeunet/Caro wonders. We have been raising by dawn a lot lately, to go to our kitchen gardens before the hens are let out in our home garden. That way I don’t have to worry about any sly fox coming to feast on my li’l ones when I’m not around. (They are supposedly notoriously active around dawn.)

It’s free shipping allround in le petit shoppe; a little Easter gift from me to you.

Happy Easter!

Elspeth  standing outside her 'Green House'

The unbelievable passing of Elspeth Thompson has left me with such a heavy heart. She was a truly inspirational entity to me (and many others) and it somehow hurts to think that she would want to end her life. It makes me question my own life and even other people’s lives and what the point of them are, if one like hers was not worth living. But such is the nature of depression, I suppose; mysterious, cold and absorbing.


She showed humankind that the easy route is not always the best and it is certainly not the most interesting. She showed us that true beauty is timid and unforeseen.

Elspeth Thompson

Thank you Elspeth, for sharing your world through your writing. You will be sorely missed.

– From a fellow traveller and patron of that rocky road.

Remember how I told you a while back that my lovely little Ada was dreadfully poorly?

Well, after coming home from the veterinary surgery she has been laying all sorts of worrying things, such as completely shelless eggs and she has suffered a terrible ordeal from it all. But lo and behold; this is what she came up with this Monday! A perfect, beautiful, brown speckled, magic little gift. And on top of that she has been her happy self ever since. I can’t wait til the day my clever little giver retires from her egg laying and just keeps her energy and nutrition to herself. But in the meantime I am just happy to see her running around in the garden looking a bit like an aeroplane again!

Oh, and, completely unrelated to the above rantings, there’s now only three days left on the Specific Flavour January Sale, so if you are feeling like a bargain of the flavourful kind hop over here!

It is getting warmer here. We are starting to defrost. I have to admit, I was even a teeny-weeny happy to see rain today for a change, instead of snow. The girl in the top picture would certainly agree!

Goodday to y’all. I hope the new year is treating you alright. Some christmas tables and food.

Our kindest of hens, Ada, has been critically ill and has spent the last three days in a veterinary surgery; not fun. But on happier notes, she is now safely home with us again and we are hoping that she will recover soon. If you want to take advantage of some specific flavour sale goodness hop over here. The January Sale has started!

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