Specific Flavour & the Mobile Slaughter Unit is the tender and wellmeaning (if slightly mutated) brainchild of Bella Gonzalez Larsson, illustrator, artist, designer and whatnot-maker; sometimes with handsome cheerings on from the ever so quirky Baronesse of Underbed and the incredibly industrious Duchesse Teddy of Little Ilford, my two ferociuos kitties and always with a lot of cheering on from the not so ferocious Johan, my partner in all types of crimes.

I mostly work from my home, with exceptions for when I gather my easel, pens, paints and a few magic ingredients and head to a very small hut surrounded by my vegetable growings and a lot of lovely trees. Both are situated in a particularly unfashionable area of London, England. I came here from Sweden, where I had studied fine art and comics, to study art at Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design an awful lot of time ago. On the way I have also had time to live in Paris, France as well as spending some considerable amounts of time in Spain during my childhood. I am certainly not a Londoner. I don’t really belong here. But London has become my home. Maybe because I am used to not belong or maybe, to-not-belong, has become my only true home?

You usually find me drawing, painting or generally crafting around, and apart from a dangerous weakness for growing strange vegetables, I also have a slight obsession with collecting old, unwanted things. I thrift, I hoard, I reuse and I recycle and Finding-Things-on-the-Street would definitely have been my name if I lived in North America a long long time ago. My home is filled with scruffy things I found on the street and I would have it no other way even if I were as loaded as a gold toothed pirate.

Oh, and if you will be reading through the kitchen section; all my recipes are fit for vegans – bon appetit vegans et veganettes!

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