This page is fully and solely devoted to my Dreamstealers work. So if sometimes nasty little out-of-this-world people that have a humbling predeliction for pinching bits of your dreams are your cup of tea, then read on. Didn’t we all suspect there must be a reason why dreams seem so fragmented once we wake up? and sometimes they’re even completely gone…

embroideredstardreamstealerAlso in the shop soon (later today).

A black star embroidered print of the Landing Dreamstealers.


A new piece. An embroidered sun on a  “Landing Dreamstealers” gocco printed recycled card. This one comes ready to hang  and covered with glass, in a hand painted wooden frame. I love decorating frames. I think there might be more of those coming (decorated frames that is). I have some new shapes and colour combinations I’ld like to work on. Will keep you posted, no doubt.


These little ones will land in the shop on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lots of love,


landingdreamstealers1Now in shop.


This one has been laying around collecting drawer dust for a month or so, but I thought it was time to bring it out in the light. It is inevitably destined to become tea party card invitations, but we’ll see what other crazy adventures it will go on…

The Ill Considered Disguise

A new painting; A Dreamstealer disguised as a little boy:



This little one is made using acrylic paints on an oval canvas gallery wrap.  He is now in the shop sporting this agreeable yellow glittered neck bow, for your critical inspection.


Good Bye!


Jersey “Dreamstealer” Vest



“Dreamstealer” Pillowcase

This Dreamstealer Pillowcase design has actually been with me for quite a while now, but I’ve not had it in the Etsy shop before, so I decided to put the last one out as it’s a real Specific Flavour classic and it’s brought a lot of joy.. (and a lot of nightmares) to me and others. Have a lovely weekend!


A giclee print also available in the shop.


So now you know how my dreamstealers manage to get their dangling little legs onto our dark streets and roof tops at night, so they can pinch a dream or two from both me and you. Yes, a truly diverse tool and the cream of vehicles, no need for parking space and so terribly energy efficient; meet the umbrella!


These are red and black gocco prints that have had a blue wash of water colour to give a cloudy sky background. I will sell these in stationery form in my shop at my next update.


This beachy shopper bag was made of thrifted deckchair type canvas.

I promise to add some more photos here soon so stay put!