October 2009


An agreeable family of pumpkins and squashes has found its way into my home this year as always; small ones

…and large.


It has been quiet lately here at the blog so a few images of the bygone week is in place.

It is autumnal as ever here in London and my travelling ways are filled with crumbling polychrome leaves.


It’s drizzling outside, the air is moist and raw, I have some of our late yellow cherry tomatoes drying in the oven and it shall be a warm night with mulled cider watching the flickering shadows of restless souls outside our window.

happyhalloweenHappy Pumpkin Day!




I am currently coveting these His ‘n’ Hers crazy-beautiful vegan shoes from the charming made-to-order shoe company of greenshoes.


And even in my dreams I couldn’t get very much closer to autumnal perfection than this! The mallard (yes, mallard!) skirt can be acquired here from allencompanyinc at etsy, isn’t it just lovely?



Plus this year’s (scarf) knitting fest has begun chez moi. I am no whiz when it comes to knitting but scarves are just so foolproof. Repeat row after row, continue for as long as you want and get something useable at the end of it and you can compose eternal variations all to your own taste. Above: autumn’s first two scarf projects. I’m into stripes right now; brown-turquoise and peppermint-red.

A slightly belated rain season has finally started here. The days are damp and somber, which is both romantic and subduing, but also lightly melancholic, why any nature of cheering up is cherished.


There are not many things in the world that I find more comforting on a late autumn afternoon than a loaf of freshly baked bread; the flavour, the warmth, the smell…


Coincidentally, there are not many things that Johan would rather spend a chilly autumn afternoon doing than patiently assembling one of these loaf creations, so we’re a perfect match and I am so lucky to have my own artisan-breadmaker-in-residence!


Good Wednesday!


The occurance of the Royal Mail strike makes my packages come in bundles these days. That is; I don’t receive any for a while, then suddenly I get a pile big enough to make it feel a bit like Christmas Day. Today was one of those days and in the pile was this box of truffles from Montezuma’s. It seems my sweet tooth is growing longer along with the days getting shorter so this was a very suitable arrival.

Montezuma’s has a good selection of vegan treats; just type in ‘vegan’ in their search box and you get many a handful of delicious options, such as this truffle collection. The Kirsch Cherries, Moondance pralines and chocolate dipped Orange Slices also look exceptionally intriguing and shall all have to be trialled one of these chilling October days.


Until then this rich, chocolate-y, but not-too-sweet ‘Sunrise’ spicy orange flavoured truffle shall do very fine thank you.

Have a sweet weekend my dears!