January 2009

A new painting; A Dreamstealer disguised as a little boy:



This little one is made using acrylic paints on an oval canvas gallery wrap.  He is now in the shop sporting this agreeable yellow glittered neck bow, for your critical inspection.


Good Bye!


Just popped in to share some of the new shop update goodies:



“Wee Wee Cloud” Pillowcase


Jersey “Dreamstealer” Vest



“Dreamstealer” Pillowcase

I hope you like! This Dreamstealer Pillowcase design has actually been with me for quite a while now, but I’ve not had it in the Etsy shop before, so I decided to put the last one out as I feel it’s a real Specific Flavour classic and it’s brought a lot of joy.. (and a lot of constructive nightmares) to me and others. Have a lovely weekend!


Lately, I have had a couple of bad experiences when buying things from Etsy, which is why I was so exceptionally glad for the package received from Miss mousseauchocolat, mother of dessert themed lolita accessories, today. It is not every day you get a package covered in hand felt tipped strawberries so I have to admit my lips tweeked a bit even before I had opened it.


Inside I found her Cherry Strawberry Bow Scarf and a whole bundle of sweetness, including this scented bubble blowing ice cream cone, already fitted with a hole to hang around my neck for those future bubble blowing excursions in the park etc.

Thank you Mousse, I really needed some sweetness today!


I did a little cheat shop update today, of this red Valentine Pillowcase Set. Sorry for not letting you know here, but afterwards, I know it’s a bit unfair of me. Mainly I did this because I really wanted them to be out in good time for V day and also possibly, a teeny bit, because I am getting itchy fingers for the real update which I am hoping will be sometime at the end of the coming week. I will give you an exact date and time closer to the day.


I put on a special label, with a secret hand painted message onto one of the pillowcases, suggestedly the one that would be gifted to the other half. And the other one you could keep for yourself.


Then I fancied something warming and ate lots of these brandy enforced Glazed Cranberry Cupcakes which I cooked up yesterday. I guess this is how I would imagine, say, Tom Waits having his cupcakes (yes, I am sure he eats a lot of them). I made them using the Standard Vanilla Cupcake recipe, from Vegan Cupcakes take Over the World after which I wisked together cranberry jam (actually it was lingonberry jam but you know what they say, same shit, different name, excuse the language) with some brandy that went into a hole in the middle of the cupcake that was then covered with some very traditional crunchy, sugary glaze (read confectionary sugar mixed with water/lemon juice) that I had tossed some chopped up bits of dried cranberries into.

We had such a lovely day out earlier this week, exploring the town centre north from where we live+spending some well deserved time off  in the park…


…it was us and all the dogs in London, immersing ourselves in wintery pursuits



time for tea and sandwiches by the little lake.





…and a tiny moss landscape on a forgotten grave. Sometimes a day out in the park can be just what you need. Even when it is cold and dreary outside. I will be back soon with new work and with the date for the next shop update to be confirmed. So long!


Not much has happened today. It’s been quite a grey day here in dreary ol’ London…


…although we’ve had a few glimpses of warming sun.


The Baronesse was a bit too cold to play it the cat way, so she decided to go to bed the human way today, very cute. She bids you stay warm and goodnight and have a lovely tomorrow!

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